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    Removed Encroachment Across The Drain From Sunderpur Road In The City

    Inam Ansari
    May31/ 2023
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    Dineshpur (The Hawk): After the ongoing debate regarding the encroachment, the administration finally put a yellow paw on the encroachment. Public Works Department and Nagar Panchayat jointly started removing the encroachment across the drain.

    On Wednesday, in the presence of Public Works Department's Assistant Engineer Vinod Kumar and Nagar Panchayat Executive Officer Saroj Gautam, the removal of various encroachments across the drain from Sunderpur Road with the help of JCB started. At the same place, the traders were seen protesting a bit, but after persuasion by the administration, they agreed there. At some places the traders themselves removed the encroachment before the JCB started moving. Assistant Engineer of Public Works Department, Vinod Kumar told that today the construction material like slab across the drain was removed in Sunderpur road of the city. Told that on June 5, after the meeting of all the concerned departments in the Nagar Panchayat premises, the encroachment would be removed after marking the main roads of the city as well. Councilors Govind Mandal, Parmanand, Rajesh Kumar, Dev Kumar, Anand Kumar and policemen were present on this occasion.