Ranveer Singh Aids Johnny Sins in Bold Ad: Watch Now

    The Hawk
    February12/ 2024
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    Ranveer Singh joins forces with adult star Johnny Sins in a groundbreaking Bold Care commercial. The humorous 'saas-bahu' parody tackles erectile dysfunction, showcasing Ranveer's bold approach.

    Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins

    Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh has joined forces with adult film star Johnny Sins for a comedic advertisement promoting the sexual wellness and pleasure brand, Bold Care.

    The 1 minute and 45 seconds commercial feature Ranveer Singh addressing Johnny Sins' sexual health issues in a side-splitting 'saas-bahu' parody, showcasing the actor's trademark humorous style. Known for his bold choices in fashion and film roles, Ranveer takes on the taboo subject of erectile dysfunction in this unconventional advertisement.

    The advert unfolds with a bahu complaining to Ranveer about his on-screen brother, portrayed by Johnny, grappling with erectile dysfunction. The comedic narrative takes a turn as the bahu embarrasses Johnny's character in front of the family, threatening to leave the house.

    Ranveer Singh Johnny Sins ad 

    The escalating drama leads, when the mother-in-law slaps the bahu to fall from the first floor. However, Ranveer comes to the rescue by offering a Bold Care pill to Johnny's character, ensuring a solution to his sexual health issues.

    Directed by Ayappa KM and scripted by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, this advertisement marks Johnny Sins' debut in endorsing an Indian brand.

    The commercial, filled with clever wordplay, slapstick humor, and unexpected twists, has sparked genuine laughter and amusement among netizens. It successfully taps into the universal appeal of comedy, leaving viewers astonished.