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    Rahul Gandhi Supporter Of Destruction: CM Yogi In Gujarat

    April20/ 2022
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    Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday stepped up his attack on the Congress, describing its lead campaigner Rahul Gandhi a supporter of destruction, not development.

    Adityanath also hailed the Gujarat model of development, which is often mocked by the Congress vice president.
    Participating in the Gujarat Gaurav Yatra in Valsad district, the saffron leader alleged that the Congress party has "insulted" Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, the two tall leaders from Gujarat. "He is not a supporter of development, but a supporter of destruction. Rahul Gandhi has supported Ishrat Jahan, a terrorist who was killed by security forces here (in 2004)," Adityanath told a rally during the yatra. Gandhi, at his recent rallies in the poll-bound Gujarat, had often targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Gujarat model of development. Modi often refers to the model as a benchmark of development. Targeting the Congress, Adityanath said the party is a "symbol" as well as the "messiah" of destruction. The BJP leader claimed that Amethi, the Lok Sabha constituency of Rahul Gandhi, has not seen any development over a long period. "In the last 14 years, being an MP from Uttar Pradesh, he has not even built an office of the district collector. What can you expect from such a person for development of Gujarat?" he said. He said the scourge of naxalism, terrorism and corruption are "gifts" of the Congress to the nation. Adityanath also questioned the "absence" of the Congress vice president when Gujarat battled floods this year. "When Saurashtra was flooded, you went to Italy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes here, Amitbhai Shah (BJP president) comes here, but you cannot visit people at that time," he said. Hailing Modi, he said the prime minister has turned development into a movement of people and that the country is on the path of rapid progress. Uttar Pradesh has adopted the Gujarat model of development and is implementing many schemes, he said. The UP chief minister addressed a number of gatherings in south Gujarat today. Adityanath was shown black flags by a group of Congress supporters in Valsad citys Dharampur road. Three of them were detained by the police and later released, officials said.

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