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    Posters appear in Jaipur locality telling people not to sell properties to "non-Hindus"

    The Hawk
    June12/ 2024
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    Posters in Jaipur's Shivaji Nagar, Bhatta Basti, urge residents not to sell houses to non-Hindus. Locals willingly pasted these posters, appealing to 'Sanatani' people to prevent Hindu migration.

    Sanatan Dharm Manch Protest (Representative Image)

    Jaipur: Posters appeared in a locality of Jaipur on Wednesday saying houses should not be sold to "non-Hindus". The poster, appearing in the Shivaji Nagar in Bhatta Basti area, also appeals to 'Sanatani' people to stop the 'migration' of Hindus.

    Some locals told a TV channel that they have pasted the posters willingly on their own homes to appeal to people in their locality to not sell their houses to non-Hindus.

    When contacted, the SHO of Bhatta Basti police station area, Kailash, confirmed the development. He said people have pasted the posters on their own houses and their has been no complaint so far over this.

    The posters in the name of 'Sarv Hindu Samaj' read in Hindi, "Sanataniyon se appeal, palayan ko roken. Sabhi Sanatan bhaiyon behnon se nivedan hai ki apna makaan gair-Hinduon ko na bechen (An appeal to Sanatanis to stop migration. A request to all Sanatani brothers and sisters to not sell their house to non-Hindus)."

    The local residents alleged that some people buying houses in the area were creating problems for others.

    "Due to this situation, we decided to past posters outside our houses appealing people to not sell their houses to non-Hindu. Property brokers frequently come to us, asking whether we are interested in selling our house.

    "Many houses have been sold to outside people and the atmosphere in our locality has got disturbed," a local resident told the TV channel.

    The SHO said the police have not received any complaint over the matter.

    "Selling and purchasing property is an individual matter. No such matter has come to light in which there was any dispute," the SHO said.