Portions of Rahul Gandhi's speech in Lok Sabha expunged

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    July2/ 2024
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    His criticism targeted the central government on issues such as the treatment of minorities, the NEET row, and the Agnipath scheme.

    Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi: Several portions of the maiden speech of Rahul Gandhi as Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha targeting the central government over various issues, including minorities, NEET row and Agnipath scheme among others, have been expunged from the records of the Parliament on the orders of the Speaker.
    The portions expunged include his comments on Hindus, and PM Narendra Modi-BJP-RSS among others.
    Rahul Gandhi in his speech in Lok Sabha on Monday afternoon, during the debate on the motion of thanks on President Draupadi Murmu's address accused the BJP and RSS of preaching and spreading violence and hatred. His remarks drew protests from the Treasury benches.
    The Bharatiya Janata Party - led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Ministers Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh among others stood up to express their protest and rebut the Congress MP's remarks.
    The BJP leaders accused the Congress MP "of speaking lies, misleading the House and terming the entire Hindu community violent". The Congress hit back with counter-allegations against the Modi government.
    Rahul Gandhi invoked Lord Shiva, Prophet Mohammad, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ, Lord Budha and Lord Mahavir, saying that he had taken the idea of fearlessness from their teachings.

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    PM Modi slammed Rahul Gandhi during his speech. "Calling the entire Hindu community violent is a very serious matter," the Prime Minister said. Home Minister Amit Shah demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi.
    While the BJP held a press conference later to denounce Rahul Gandhi's remarks, Congress also held an evening press conference to slam the ruling party at the Centre.
    Among the portions of Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha speech that got expunged were his accusations against the BJP, stating that the party was treating minorities unfairly and perpetrating violence.
    Portions of the Congress MP's remarks on industrialists Adani and Ambani and on the Agniveer Scheme were also expunged.
    Dismissing Rahul Gandhi's claims on violence against minorities, Dilip Mandal a prominent Dalit voice, claimed that the last decade was the "most peaceful time for India since independence" as he compared the governance under the Congress party.
    "During his address, Rahul Gandhi made an objectionable statement that a lot of atrocities are happening against Muslims and Christians in India. I believe that the numbers don't suggest this. The last 10 years have been the most peaceful time for India after independence if you see the numbers," Dilip Mandal told ANI.
    "During the Congress regime, so many riots used to happen, if you compare that in the last 10 years, only two major communal riot incidents have happened, Delhi and Manipur. So the scale has reduced...riots don't last long now," he said.
    Mandal alleged Gandhi's remarks as an attempt "to scare investors" and added that the Congress party is "again trying to appease" Muslims.
    "This is an attempt to scare the investors and it will affect India. Congress is again trying to appease Muslims. He is thinking of getting the Muslim votes, especially the Muslim votes of Bihar and UP, from SP and RJD," Mandal said.