Peek into the world of Satpura's forests through eyes of famed Jehan Numa family

    Pankaj Sharma
    October6/ 2023
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    Tales from the Bush - A peek into the world of Satpura

    New Delhi (India): Aly Rashid, a distinguished naturalist and eco-tourism practitioner and the Director of the critically acclaimed conservation lodges, Jehan Numa Wilderness, has announced the launch of their new book, 'Tales from the Bush - A peek into the world of Satpura'.
    The book offers readers a peek into the captivating world of Satpura forests through a compilation of stellar photographs, stories, anecdotes, and wildlife encounters witnessed by the team, guests, and close associates at Jehan Numa Wilderness lodges. These encounters span a period of a decade and a half-long presence in this landscape.

    While Aly and his family have always had a deep connection with the central Indian jungle, his Satpura story began in 2009 with the establishment of Jehan Numa Wilderness and under its aegis, Reni Pani Jungle Lodge.
    With the addition of the magnificent Bori Safari Lodge the conservation involvement of Jehan Numa Wilderness in Satpura has been further cemented. Within the pages of 'Tales from the Bush', Aly Rashid presents a wealth of experiences shared not only by his in-house field team but also by lodge guests, photo contributors and esteemed chapter authors, including Shivang Mehta, Pradip Krishen, Surya Ramachandran, David Raju, and Sarosh Lodhi, who have had their own remarkable encounters with Satpura's magical wilderness.

    What sets this book apart is the never-before-seen visuals of the forest. Of particular interest is the intriguing chapter titled "Satpura After Dark," authored by renowned wildlife photographer, Shivang Mehta, where SLR camera traps have skilfully captured the elusive nocturnal wildlife that thrives outside the protected area.

    'Tales from the Bush' is not merely a book but an immersive journey that will inspire readers to appreciate and preserve the natural wonders of Satpura forests. Aly Rashid's storytelling and the extraordinary contributions of fellow experts combine to make this book an absolute delight for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone seeking a profound connection with nature.
    Tales from the bush is now available for purchase on the website of Jehan Numa Hotels and on Amazon.
    Wildlife and the wilderness has been a passion for Aly ever since childhood. This passion for wildlife inspired him to work with his family to set up and run Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, and then establish the Bori Safari Lodge. A trained naturalist and ornithologist, he has travelled across the country and has been involved with wildlife in various localities. Aly also leads thrilling expeditions in the northeast of India, Ladakh, Masai Mara, Borneo, Pantanal and more, with their sister brand Just Nature Expeditions.