Peace dialogue do not succeed amidst bombs, guns and bullets: PM Modi to President Putin

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    July9/ 2024
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    Modi reiterated India's commitment to peace, highlighting the human cost of conflict and the critical need for dialogue.

    Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi

    Moscow: Peace dialogue does not succeed amidst bombs, guns and bullets and no solution to any conflict is possible in the battlefield, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday as the two leaders held talks under the spectre of the Ukraine conflict.

    In his televised opening remarks, Modi conveyed to Putin and assured the world community that India is on the side of peace and was ready to contribute in ending the conflict in Ukraine.

    "For a bright future for the new generation, peace is most essential...Peace talks do not succeed amidst bombs, guns and bullets," he said.

    The prime minister also referred to his informal meeting with Putin on Monday and said listening to the Russian president lent "hope".

    "Everyone believing in humanity is pained if there is loss of lives. In that too, if innocent children are murdered; if innocent children die, it is heart-wrenching and very painful," Modi said.

    "At our meeting yesterday, we listened to each other's views on Ukraine and I also placed before you the Global South's expectation on peace and stability," Modi said.

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    The prime minister also highlighted Russia's help to India in the energy sector.

    When the world was facing shortage of food, fuel and fertilisers, we did not allow our farmers to face any problem and our friendship with Russia played a role in that, Modi said.

    "We would want our cooperation with Russia to expand further so as to ensure welfare of our farmers," he said.

    Modi said stronger ties between the two nations will greatly benefit the people.

    The prime minister also flagged concerns over challenges of terrorism.

    "India has been facing the challenge of terrorism for around 40 years; I condemn all forms of terrorism," Modi said.

    He said the world has to face multiple challenges in the last five years -- first due Covid-19 and then because of various conflicts.