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    Pawar-Adani Axis

    Sunil Aswal
    September25/ 2023
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    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk):
    Pawar-Adani Axis: Sharad Pawar-Gautam Adani Liaison Of Gujarat Kind In Gujarat Itself Defying All Fully Focussed Rumours, Rumblings, Whispers Of Adani, Pawar At Cross With Each Other Despite Adani's Innumerable +Ve Gestures / Overtures (To Pawar) Via Himself, His Kith-'N'-Kin To Consistently Defiant, Recalcitrant Pawar. Now Rumours: Actually, Both Pawar And Adani Are "Pals Aplenty Since Long But Silently For Reasons Known Only To Them". Reality: Both Were In Gujarat Recently; That's Not All. Pawar Was At Adani's House As His Guest, Chief Guest At A Function Hosted By Adani Etc, Etc. Hereafter, All Talks About Adani-Pawar "No Links" Came To A Grinding Halt. Now: Pawar-Adani Axis, Its All Possible Cosequences, Ramifications, Ratifications Etc --- Among Them: Pawar Joining Narendra Modi-Government, Thanks To Pawar-Adani Axis --- Are Being Widely Talked About In Delhi's 24-Hour Alert, Awake Grapevine Circles.