Pakistan: High inflation dampens the spirit of Eid in Lahore

    The Hawk
    April11/ 2024
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    The grip of inflation tightens in Pakistan, citizens struggle as prices soar, incomes stagnate. Government promises of relief fall short, leaving hope waning.

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    Lahore [Pakistan]: As inflation has become a major issue in Pakistan, people are finding it difficult to manage their expenses with the available job opportunities and incomes.
    Mohammed Rashid Khan, a person from to Lahore stated that "the question of low or high inflation does not persist anymore. The people now are forced to break the Ramadan fast with just water. As we are not able to manage the expenses of food, everything is costly. Cost of petrol and diesel is unaffordable for us. Take a look at the latest electricity bills, a new tax has been implemented. How will a daily wage worker like me manage? The government had promised to give us some relief during the month of Ramadan but nothing has improved till now. Ramadan is now over Eid is here, but choose any market across Lahore and you will find that the cost of all basic commodities has not yet decreased."

    Another citizen, Muhammad Ayub stated, "The government is now incapable of handling the problem of inflation. All our necessities are unaffordable, every month we have to decide between paying electricity bills and rent. Moreover, we are now forced to compromise one necessity for another for our survival."

    Another person belonging to the middle-income group in Lahore said, "The situation of inflation in this country is pathetic, it is now out of control and the lower-income group suffers the most. Look at petrol, look at the costs of all food items, and the cost of all other necessities are out of control. On one side we are now clueless, about how to manage this condition of high inflation, and on the other hand the conditions in Pakistan are growing worse every day."
    "There was a time when we used to plan for spending PKR 20000 during Ramadan season, but now we are barely able to spend even PKR 2000 for the festival. And the loan given by the IMF will soon increase inflation because of severe monetary conditions for their loans. These conditions of the IMF will raise the prices even further," he said.

    The terror of inflation in Pakistan has now overshadowed the spirit of Eid in Pakistan and amid the worsening conditions, hope for betterment is growing weaker.