Over 50 world leaders extend congratulations to PM Modi on his third consecutive term victory

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    June5/ 2024
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    Following a historic third consecutive term victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been flooded with congratulatory messages from over 50 world leaders across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

    PM Modi while celebration

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received an overwhelming wave of congratulatory messages from over 50 world leaders following his historic victory in securing a third consecutive term in office, said the sources familiar with the matter.
    Leaders from diverse regions including Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean have extended their felicitations to Prime Minister Modi on his resounding electoral triumph.
    Among the notable leaders who have conveyed their wishes are Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan, the Prime Minister of Italy, the Presidents of Spain and South Korea, and Prime Ministers of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mauritius.
    Additionally, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka and leaders from India's neighbourhood and extended neighbourhood such as Maldives, Iran, and Seychelles have also all sent congratulatory greetings to PM Modi.

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    From the G20 nations, Prime Ministers of Italy and Japan, along with the President of South Korea, have also extended their congratulations to the Prime Minister.
    African leaders, including Presidents of Nigeria, Kenya, and Comoros, have joined in expressing their warm regards to PM Modi.
    Similarly, leaders from the Caribbean, such as those from Jamaica, Barbados, and Guyana, have also conveyed their congratulatory messages. From Southeast Asia, Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia have joined the chorus in congratulating PM Modi on his electoral victory.
    The congratulatory messages come in the wake of the mammoth seven-phase Lok Sabha elections, touted as the world's largest democratic exercise, which commenced on April 19 and concluded on Saturday.
    While most exit polls had predicted a comfortable victory for the ruling BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the official results revealed the BJP securing 240 seats, lower than its 2019 tally of 303. However, the Congress party witnessed significant growth, clinching 99 seats, while the INDIA bloc exceeded the 230 mark, defying earlier predictions and posing formidable competition to NDA's 292 seats
    As PM Modi gears up for his third consecutive term, the outpouring of congratulatory messages from global leaders underscores the significance of India's role on the world stage and highlights the strong bilateral relations fostered under his leadership.