NTT Communications lead to significant CO2 reduction in agriculture

    The Hawk
    September25/ 2023
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    Fukui [Japan]: Japan’s leading global provider of information and communications technology solutions, NTT Communications, is helping to reduce CO2 in agriculture.
    Based on collaboration with Yanmar Holdings, this project is moving forward. It is well known for its agricultural equipment and facilities. The project aims to get advantageous carbon credits.

    In Ono city of Fukui prefecture, paddy fields are spreading to produce rice. Methane gas is created in large quantities throughout the growth process, with the greenhouse effect being 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide. NTT Communication provides a sensor named "MIHARAS" in the paddy field for the reduction of methane gas enabling it to get big carbon credit.

    “You can see it over there. "It is an IoT solution named " MIHARAS " for agricultural support." Connecting with the app, farmers can obtain various information, such as water level and ground temperature. Based on this evidence, the application of carbon credit is available,” said Daichi Mizushima from NTT communications.
    The "extension of midterm paddy field drying up" is being done in Ohno City Paddy Field.
    Methane gas is produced during the cultivation of rice crops. NTT Communications and Yanmar prolonged the midterm paddy field drying period by seven days. It reduces 30 percent of methane gas.
    “I think agricultural data should be managed by IoT. For example, I can immediately check the start and end of the midterm drying process on my computer. I think those data will be helpful for the next fiscal year and future work season.” said Masakazu Asahi, a rice farmer.
    NTT Communications and Yanmar promote steady rice crop production and brand it as "keep environment rice".