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    No discussion about the "Naga National Flag," according to NSCN-IM

    Pankaj Sharma
    November23/ 2022
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    Kohima (The Hawk): The "Naga National Flag" has a great deal of sentimental meaning to the Naga people and is all about the "God given history" and identity of the Naga people, according to the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak Muivah (NSCN-IM).

    The NSCN-IM stated in the November issue of its monthly mouthpiece, "Nagalim Voice," that "What God has given cannot be a question of negotiation on the negotiating table."

    The Naga National Flag, which represents the idea of one people, one nation, is being desperately attacked, according to the NSCN-IM.

    The Central government and the Naga organisations, led by the NSCN-IM, have held more than 80 rounds of negotiations, but the sensitive issues of a separate Naga flag and constitution have not been resolved.

    The former government liaison and former Nagaland Governor R.N. Ravi repeatedly rejected the NSCN-demands IM's for a distinct flag and constitution.

    "Ironically, it is the Government of India's excessive use of the "delaying game" that is grating on the NSCN Talk Team's nerves. Even though we occasionally found the government's cynicism tiresome, we will nevertheless maintain our position."

    It stated that it is not surprising that the Naga political issue has dragged on for more than 25 years given its intricacy.

    The spokesperson warned, "However, the complexity should not be used for any nefarious play."

    The NSCN-IM reaffirmed that under no circumstances could the "one people, one nation" guiding concept of the Naga political movement be compromised.

    Neiphiu Rio, the chief minister of Nagaland, recently stated that the unresolved Naga political issue was the reason why the state continued to lag behind other states in all areas of development.

    The Chief Minister had stated that even if the Central government and the Naga Political Groups sign a final peace deal or settlement, there won't be true peace if the Nagas can't operate as a single people.

    (Inputs from Agencies)