New Rule: Government Employees Face Half-Day Penalty for Being 15 Minutes Late

    The Hawk
    June22/ 2024
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    Biometric attendance systems have been made compulsory, and employees must inform in advance before taking leave.

    Image of a Biometric system

    New Delhi: The central government has issued a strict directive for government employees. According to the new order, if any government employee fails to reach the office by 9:15 AM, it will be counted as a half-day leave.

    Attendance through the biometric system has been made mandatory in government offices. Additionally, employees must inform in advance before taking a leave.

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    This measure aims to ensure punctuality and discipline in government offices. Strict action will be taken against those who do not comply with the order.

    Government employees are advised to reach the office on time and ensure their attendance to avoid any inconvenience.