Nepalese Authors Publish Book Featuring Speeches Of PM Modi Made At International Forums

    Inam Ansari
    May1/ 2024
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    Nepalese Authors Publish Book

    Kathmandu: In a bid to offer Nepalese readers insights into India's global presence, a book encapsulating speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in various countries and international forums from 2014 to 2024 was unveiled by authors Bhupendra Bahadur Chhetri and Sagar Chand.
    Titled "Bishwo Manch ma Narendra Modi," translated as "Narendra Modi in the World Stage," the book was introduced during a ceremony in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Chhetri meticulously compiled Modi's speeches, while Chand skillfully translated them into Nepali language.
    The compilation spans speeches delivered by PM Modi from 2014 to early 2024 during his various international engagements, shedding light on India's diplomatic approach and global perspectives. Speaking about the significance of the book, co-author Sagar Chand expressed, "Not only the Nepali readers, but politicians, young and old, along with journalists covering diplomacy, should acquaint themselves with the issues discussed by our neighboring countries and how they present themselves." He emphasized Modi's "Neighbour First" policy and its relevance to Nepal's diplomatic landscape.
    "When he (Narendra Modi) became the Prime Minister in 2014 he had reiterated that he will be adopting 'Neighbour First' policy, which draws the attention of neighboring countries, why? Because, a country like Nepal- smaller in terms of economy and geography, cannot be a participant in all world forums, by chance if we get the chance to participate then we don't get a chance to present our take, that's why we are dependent on our big neighbours. This is when the presentation and issues that are being raised become our primary concern. The streamlined 'Neighbour First' policy of PM Modi, being implemented in international forums makes this book a must-read for us," Sagar Chand told ANI. The book features 29 speeches by PM Modi, meticulously translated into Nepali, aiming to inform readers about India's role at the global platform. Chand underscored the transformative impact of PM Modi's leadership on India's global stature, making each of the translated speeches a crucial read. In a related context, a January 2024 report by the World Economic Forum highlighted India's significant contribution of 16 per cent to global development in 2023. India's robust economic growth, reaching 7.2 per cent during the 2022-2023 period, consistently positioned it among the top nations within the G20. The authors' endeavor to elucidate PM Modi's speeches comes at a time when India's infrastructure, internet accessibility, and relations with the Western world are evolving, amplifying its presence on the global stage.
    Published by Indigo Ink, the book is priced at NRS 549 (Rs 343) and provides invaluable insights into PM Modi's engagements on the world platform. PM Modi has made four visits to Nepal, including his attendance at the SAARC meeting. His first visit was in August 2014, followed by the SAARC meeting of 2014. He visited again in May 2018 and most recently in May 2022. During these visits, Modi traveled extensively across Nepal, from Janakpur and Lumbini to Muktinath. —ANI