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    Navigating a 'Bend in the River'

    The Hawk
    September23/ 2023
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    Bend in the River

    New Delhi: Gallery Latitude 28 in the national capital will present a solo exhibition of artist Pratul Dash titled 'A Bend in the River' that draws viewers to engage with an alternate view of reality from September 28 to October 7 at Bikaner House.

    Dash has been preoccupied with the fear and fantasies that accelerate contemporary life and constantly change in unwarranted ways. His reflections on everyday, mundane, abstract, and philosophical observations are reflected in this exhibition that features abstract artworks, drawing viewers into a world that is open to interpretation.

    "My art is intricately woven into India's vibrant fabric, where human stories, cultural threads, and political landscapes come together. In a world where borders blur and global influences are strong, my creative expressions tell a story of how local and universal ideas dance together. While I am not swayed by external pressures, my creations are a lively conversation between my own context and the global viewpoint, showcasing the delicate balance of our times," says Dash.

    "Coming full circle, Dash's style has again evolved in a completely new direction, yet the themes and preoccupations that consume the artist have not changed. As an artist, Dash finds new ways to express himself and his innermost ideologies and self-inquiries, leaving one to always wonder about what is going to come next. The works in this show are inspired by landscape, memories both fragmented and time-based, self-prognosis, and contemporary commentaries," adds Bhavna Kakar, Founder of Latitude 28.

    The artist stresses that his art is also his way of carrying forth his conceptualizations of cellular structure, topography, human bodies, dogs, maps, bones, and the elements of our universe into a pluriverse of coexistence. Translating the abstract qualities of the mind, the artist also notates his fixation on the phenomena of memory and memory-making.

    As he uses 'politics of aesthetics' as a tool, he delves into his subconscious, where his meanderings are a reflection of the current events and times as well.

    "Over the years, I look at the painted surface as a window through which one can slowly rupture and fragment the viewer's ideal of realism," concludes Dash.