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    MP: Pregnant woman delivers baby on roadside in Barwani village

    The Hawk
    September25/ 2023
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    Barwani (Madhya Pradesh): A 27-year-old pregnant woman gave birth on the roadside when an ambulance couldn't reach her house due to damaged roads and a flooded drain at a village in Madhya Pradesh's Barwani district.
    Reportedly, the incident took place in Khamghat village, Pansemal tehsil, on Saturday evening. 

    The woman was transported to the hospital while wrapped in a cloth, and she delivered the baby during the journey. 

    Brother of the woman Thakur said, “My sister suffered labor pain after which we called the ambulance but due to poor road and overflowing drain, the ambulance could not reach the home. Then we wrapped her in a cloth and carried her across an overflowing drain to the hospital but on the way she gave birth to a baby.”
    After walking for around three to four kilometers, the family managed to get the ambulance and reach the Community Health Center, Pansemal. After primary treatment, she was referred to Barwani District Hospital.
    Doctor at Community Health Center Pansemal, Amrit Bamanke said, “A woman was taken in an ambulance around 6 pm on Saturday. We provided her with primary treatment. She had already given birth, we had only removed her placenta here after which she was referred to the district hospital.”
    Both mother and child were admitted to Barwani district hospital and they were in healthy condition.
    Nonetheless, the woman’s brother Thakur also claimed that they placed their demands to repair the road but none paid attention. They also alleged that it was not the first such incident, and added that around two to three women from his family also delivered a baby on the roadside in a similar situation in the past.