Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Overview of process of counting of votes

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    June3/ 2024
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    The counting will begin with postal ballots at the Returning Officer's table, followed by EVM votes.

    Security personnel stand guards at Lok Sabha elections, in Mumbai

    New Delhi: The counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections will be taken up on Tuesday. Here is a brief overview of the counting process.

    * Under Rule 54 A of the Conduct of Elections Rules 1961, the counting of postal ballot papers shall be started first at the Returning Officer's (RO) table.

    * Only such postal ballot papers shall be taken up for counting which are received by the RO before the hour fixed for the commencement of counting.

    * After 30 minutes of the commencement of counting of postal ballots, the counting of votes from EVMs should be started.

    * Counting of votes from EVMs can begin on scheduled time if there is no postal ballot paper in the constituency.

    * Only Control Unit (CU) of the EVM used in polling station is required for counting of votes along with Form 17C.

    * Before ascertaining the result from CUs of EVMs, counting officials shall ensure that the paper seal on them is intact and total votes polled tally with those mentioned in Form 17C.

    * The result of the control unit shall be noted in Part-II of Form 17C after showing it to counting supervisor, micro observer and counting agents of candidates.

    * In case of non-display of results in the display panel of the control unit, VVPAT slips of the respective VVPAT shall be counted after completion of all CUs count.

    * Candidate-wise result of each CU shall be noted in Part II of Form 17C and signed by the counting supervisor and counting agents of candidates present at the counting table.

    * Form 17C of each polling station should be sent to the officer who is compiling the final result sheet in Form 20.

    * Counting of VVPAT slips shall start only after completion of counting of votes from CUs.

    * Mandatory verification of VVPAT slips of randomly selected five polling stations per assembly constituency/each assembly segment of a parliamentary constituency shall be done only after the completion of counting of votes.

    * When the margin of victory is less than the number of postal ballot papers rejected, all such rejected postal ballot papers shall be mandatorily re-verified before declaration of the result.

    * If two candidates get equal number of highest votes, the result will be declared by draw of lots.