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    Kerala Police rescue TN NRI kidnapped by lover and accomplices

    Nidhi Khurana
    February26/ 2023
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    Thiruvananthapuram: On Sunday, police in Kerala recovered a non-resident alien who had been kidnapped on February 22 by his lover, her brother, and a group of men from the airport in Thiruvananthapuram.

    After his arrival in Thiruvananthapuram from Dubai, Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Mohiuddin Abdul Khader, originally from Thakkala in neighbouring Tamil Nadu, was met by his girlfriend Insha and her brother Shafeeq, who informed him that they would be taking him to meet her parents.

    But, his kidnappers locked him up and viciously abused him at a resort in Varkala, close to Thiruvananthapuram, and wanted Rs 1 crore to release him.

    After a year together in Dubai, police say Abdul Khader and Insha have broken up. She planned the scheme to get the Rs 1 crore she had asked as compensation from him.

    According to the police, the kidnappers made off with Rs 15,70,000, gold jewellery, and two high-end cellphones from the non-resident Indian.

    A short time later, he was abandoned near the airport grounds, when the police in Thiruvananthapuram came to his rescue. The kidnapper of Abdul Khader, Rajesh Kumar, and his six accomplices, including her brother Insha, have all been apprehended.

    Afterwards, Abdul Khader told the media that he paid his kidnappers after he was unable to withstand the torture any longer. He claimed that they threatened his life and that he had a gut feeling that he may die under harsh torture, so he gave them his jewellery and phones and wired money to their account.

    D.K. Prithviraj, assistant commissioner in Shankumugam, assured the reporters that all of the suspects are already in police custody and will be brought before the court soon.—Inputs from Agencies