Kashmiri 'trans woman' succeeds in making her mark in corporate world

    Inam Ansari
    June6/ 2023
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    Kashmiri 'trans woman'

    Srinagar: Shoaib Khan is the first trans woman of Kashmir who, overcoming all the difficulties and problems, has not only succeeded in creating a distinct identity in society but also marked her presence in the corporate world.
    Shoaib belongs to Srinagar and after completing her schooling, she did her MBA from Kashmir University. Shoaib did not let any difficulty come her way to complete her education and achieved success with her courage and immensely hard work.
    Shoaib said, "My journey from school to college and from university to the corporate sector has not been easy. To set an example, I never gave up on my determination and courage."

    Transgenders' bright appearance, layers of make-up on their face and loud laughter hide the reality of their sad life. In such a way, that a normal person can't even imagine the problems and difficulties a transgender goes through from birth to death.

    Shoaib Khan has also had to go through a lot of ups and downs in her life. From school to university, she faced discrimination and social evils in addition to other problems. However, she faced all these difficulties with courage and remained focused on shaping her future.
    Initially, Shoaib was working with an airline as a flight attendant, today she works for a corporate company in a senior position.
    Recalling her struggle days, Shoaib said, "My struggle has given me a new path today. Until tomorrow, those who used to look at me with disrespect or used to taunt me, today they look at me with respect and some feel jealous of me."
    According to the census of 2011, the number of transgenders in Jammu and Kashmir is around five thousand, but today, this number is much higher. In the year 2014, although the Supreme Court has given the status of transgenders as a third gender, till now they have not yet received that recognition.
    Shoaib says that the majority of transgenders are educated. Still, at times they are deprived and education is the only way through which any human being can change one's destiny. Unless transgenders are accepted as part of society, their plight will not improve, she said.
    Trans woman Shoaib not only succeeded in creating a distinct identity in society with her dedication and positive thinking but she is also becoming an inspiration and a movement for the entire transgender community. (ANI)