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    Juggling With Life

    The Hawk
    April29/ 2023


    Vijay Garg

    But nowadays it has become difficult to get this encouragement. Husband and wife work to run the house, are busy from morning till evening and night. In such worldly helplessness of the parents, mobile phone and TV are becoming the companions of the children. Especially young mothers are unable to give time to children even if they want to. The dream of women and especially girls with vocational qualifications to be self-reliant becomes true only when they do some work or job. In such a situation, day care centers I have to send Thus, this situation is becoming a common part of the entire and especially the middle class societies. But here as an example, we can see a reference, in which an attempt has been made to understand this changing trend through experimentation. A little girl of about two years old was given an old diary and a pen was placed in her tiny hands. It was thought that at least something would be learned! Due to current restrictions, his mother has the facility to work from home. Otherwise, that child may also end up in a crèche.Would have been handed over There is so much competition in our environment that the sooner a child becomes a student, the better, both for him and for the parents. We can't get out of this race even if we want to, so the girl started doing something she liked everyday with a pen in the diary. When his grandmother stayed with him for a few days, she started teaching him to speak and write Hindi and English alphabets. Home is the first school of life. His natural curiosity made him learn to hold a pen well with his tiny hands in a few days. many times your She would close the ball pen by pressing it with her finger, then if she could not open it by pressing it, she would indicate. Something bubbled, then on opening, she would see with interest that it had opened. She kept making something from her mind, sometimes on the page, sometimes outside the diary. One day the mistake was realized after the pen was used on dozens of pages. He should have been given a pencil, not a ball pen. Next morning when the pencil was handed over to him, he hesitated to accept it. He reluctantly drew a couple of lines and left the pencil. She kept searching for the pen on the table, which was not there. back of pencil Kept looking at the part that wasn't pressing down like a ball pen. When the child's maternal grandmother tried to motivate her, she communicated that she was not much interested in pencil experiments. Now he had to work hard to get used to the pencil. Meanwhile, several times she used to make small pictures with ease, hold her hand and make her make mango, apple, ball, bird, make her write something, ask her to do something, but she would do whatever was in her mind. She used to run the pencil repeatedly on the hard face of the diary i.e. the inner part of the cover. she already likes certain colors Engaged and making the same shapes again and again. Anyway, when a person expresses himself in his natural form, it is only the upheaval that happens in his inner self. The child's happiness, anger, hurry or fun are clearly visible in her painting. Whenever she felt like it, she would leave the pencil and close the diary and make it clear with a hand gesture that the time for writing and reading is over, now play the poems of her choice on TV. He would have liked Gulzar's 'Lakdi ki Kathi, Kathi Pe Ghoda' very much. His childhood kept telling that life is managed by senses Always ready to learn something or the other. Many likes and dislikes are inherited. The new learns only what the other life teaches it. This limited facility is also available to so many children. In the rapidly changing society and trends, now grandparents or maternal grandparents are not available in every house. Wherever they are, small children enjoy themselves there. There is a difference in their ages, but due to the friendly and understanding behavior of the elders, they become firm friends with the children. Playing, eating, learning with them childhood ease passes through Children do better with reading and writing than as a hobby. Keep making new lists of food and play items. Children do not feel the need of mobile phone or TV at all, because they have friends to talk to them, to understand their small interesting needs, to fulfill them. He treats them as his own. Play and sleep with them. He has full authority over them. The combination of old age, childhood and life works wonders.

    —The Hawk Features