Jaipur Jaguars wins title of Real Kabaddi Season 3

    The Hawk
    October2/ 2023
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    Jaipur Jaguars

    Jaipur (Rajasthan): In an electrifying and heart-pounding atmosphere, Jaipur Jaguars triumphed over Singh Soorma’s to win the Real Kabaddi Season 3 finale, held at Jaipur.
    The match on Sunday, which kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very last moment, showcased the true spirit of kabaddi and the exceptional sportsmanship of both teams.

    The match started tentatively with both teams taking their time to set in. Jaipur Jaguars drew the first blood and after that, they did not look back, they showcased exemplary skills and strategy throughout the game. Jaipur Jaguars attacked more which helped them get 2 all-outs on Singh Soorma and put on a 10-point lead ending the first half with a score of 21-11. Anil from Jaipur Jaguars was their star player.

    In the second half also, Jaipur Jaguars exerted pressure which was too much to take for the Singh Soorma and Jaipur also used their 30-second raid timeclock to their advantage to run down the clock. The final score read 38-24. Anil from Jaipur Jaguars was the biggest difference between the teams, he secured 14 raid points which also helped him secure man of the match. Jaipur Jaguars showcased a masterclass in kabaddi, outclassing Singh Soorma in every department of the game. Singh Soorma tried various strategies, but none seemed to work against the sheer determination and prowess of the Jaipur Jaguars. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't decode the Jaguars' gameplay.
    Anil from Jaipur Jaguars also was the best raider with 142 points throughout the tournament and the best defender went to Sahil Singh from Jaipur Jaguars with 39 points, The man of the series also went to Anil from Jaipur Jaguars.
    Talking at the presentation ceremony CEO of the Real Kabaddi League Shubham Choudhary said, "Congratulations to Jaipur Jaguars you guys have been outstanding. A special thank you to the audiences for making this season very special and also want to thank all the players who have exemplified courage, skill, and unity. They have shown us that with determination, there are no barriers too high, and no challenges too daunting. Let this season be a reminder that in the world of kabaddi and beyond, we can achieve greatness together. To our players, you are the heroes of this tale, and your journey inspires us all. Until next time, keep chasing dreams and redefining limits."