Israel prepares for emergency scenarios in case of "All-Out-War"

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    May21/ 2024
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    This drill simulated a high-intensity, multi-sector emergency scenario in preparation for potential conflicts with Hezbollah.

    Israel prepares for emergency scenarios in case of 'All-Out-War'

    Tel Aviv: Israel's Ministry of Transportation, its National Emergency Authority and the Ministry's infrastructure companies practiced responding to challenges in a multi-sector emergency scenario.
    The exercise was held as part of assessments being made in case of an "all-out war," as Israel braces for the possibility of an expansion of the fighting with the terrorist organization Hezbollah based in Lebanon.
    The exercise examined high-intensity multi-arena war in the face of the outline and challenges, alongside the strengthening of integration and mutual relations between all the bodies and organizations that partner to provide a response to significant events in a multi-arena scenario and the presentation of the challenges and the response of the road infrastructure companies to prolonged power outages.
    Also, in the exercise, emphasis was placed on informing and informing the public, maintaining the resilience of the supply chain and the functional continuity of the road infrastructure companies.
    The "war game" was held with the participation led by the Director General of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety, Moshe Ben Zaken, with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry's emergency and infrastructure departments, the head of the National Emergency Authority, Yoram Laredo, the chairman of Natibi Israel Company, Yigal Amadi, the CEO of Natibi Israel, Nissim Peretz , representatives of government ministries, CEOs of infrastructure companies, concessionaires, the IDF and the Israel Police.