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    INDIA bloc leaders target PM Modi over Delhi T1 Airport canopy collapse incident

    The Hawk
    June28/ 2024
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    INDIA bloc leaders accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Ministry of Civil Aviation for the canopy collapse at Delhi Airport's Terminal 1.

    Delhi Airport canopy collapse

    New Delhi: INDIA bloc leaders targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Delhi Airport canopy collapse incident at Terminal 1 on Friday morning and termed it as a failure of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
    However, Civil Aviation Minister K Ram Mohan Naidu clarified that the roof canopy which had collapsed was part of the old structure that was built in 2009.
    "We are taking this incident seriously...I want to clarify that the building inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi is on the other side and the building that collapsed here is an old building and was opened in 2009," he said.
    Congress MP Pramod Tiwari told ANI, "Just like what the condition has been of 'Modi Empire', Terminal-1 has collapsed like that only. For 10 years it was under their upkeeping, despite that it couldn't sustain the first rain. Modi govt will meet a similar fate, they are fully responsible for it."
    AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi told ANI, "It's a saddening incident. I hope Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will take note of it and will tell the country why and how this happened."

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    On the waterlogging issue in Delhi, the Hyderabad MP said, "The PM hosted G20, built Mandapam and even after this water logging continues. It shows that the work done for optics, results in this only. Basic works need to be done..."
    Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy termed the incident "very unfortunate".
    "It is a failure of the Ministry of Civil Aviation...Civil Aviation Minister should issue a statement on the same and tell us what remedial steps are being taken."
    Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge held "Corruption" and "criminal negligence" responsible for the Delhi Airport canopy collapse incident also alleged that the portion that has collapsed was inaugurated by the PM on March 10.
    Hours after the incident, which left one dead and several injured, Kharge wrote in a post on X, "Corruption and criminal negligence are responsible for the collapse of shoddy infrastructure falling like a deck of cards, in the past 10 years of Modi Govt."
    Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also aligned her statement with the party president and highlighted the recent inauguration done by PM and alleged poor quality of work.
    Further, she also questioned the PM for taking responsibility and said, "This is the corrupt model of BJP of "take donations and give business" which has now been exposed. The question is whether the Prime Minister will take responsibility for these poor construction works and this corrupt model?"
    While debunking Congress's claim that the portion that collapsed was inaugurated by PM Modi on March 10, BJP leader Amit Malviya said the part of T1 that collapsed was opened in 2009, when Congress-led UPA was in power.
    "The part of T1 that collapsed was opened in 2009 when Congress-led UPA was in power. In those days there was no concept of quality check and contracts were given to whoever sent the biggest kickback to the ruling Congress. Sonia Gandhi, who was then the super PM, must answer."
    Notably, the incident occurred when Delhi-NCR was hit by a spell of heavy rains on Friday.