IIT Roorkee Celebrates World IP Day With A Focus On Women Driving Innovation Through IP And Creativity

    The Hawk
    April28/ 2023

    IIT Roorkee Celebrates World IP Day

    Roorkee (The Hawk): Women are more creative but they need more push to show their talent and creativity to the world. This was the view of the panelists who were participating in the panel discussion at IIT Roorkee. The panel discussion was organized to celebrate World IP Day. World IP Day is celebrated on the theme given by World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO). This year theme was "Women driving innovation through IP and creativity." Though women are 50% of the world population but their contribution in global intellectual property (IP) creation is around 16%. This years’ World IP day was opportunity to celebrate Women creativity. Speaking at the event, Prof Rajat Agrawal, IPR Chair and Associate Dean Innovation and Incubation mentioned various initiative taken by IIT Roorkee to strengthen innovation eco system at the Institute.
    In the panel discussion, panelists were Prof. Debrupa Lahiri, from Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Prof Sneha Singh, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Dr. Sonali Vij Dhawan, Audiologist and Social Scientist, Dr. Asha Rani, from the office of Corporate Interaction and Ms. Surbhi, a research scholar of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr Mini Namdeo. Chief Guest of the event, Prof Sai Ramudu Meka, Associate Dean, Corporate Interaction mentioned about Shakuntala and Golden Girl schemes of IIT Roorkee to attract and facilitate women admission into research programme of the Institute. Dr C Jayakumar , Librarian of Central Library of the Institute was also present during the event.
    Various topics which were discussed in the panel discussion were current status of IP filings by women innovators in India and IIT Roorkee, challenges faced by Women innovators and creators. The conversation touched upon a range of other pertinent issues, such as the current level of involvement of women in innovation and IP filing, as well as the disparities between genders when it comes to participating in IP filing. The panelists also discussed the crucial role society plays in encouraging and supporting women to file intellectual property, the various government schemes designed to assist women innovators and creators, and the significance of increasing awareness about IP and the IP filing process among women in the field of innovation. The outcome of the panel discussion was in the form of suggestions from experts. Which are being compiled and are being worked upon for backing with data. These suggestions will be submitted to Government for further necessary action. Some key suggestions included creating awareness about IP and innovation right from the class 11th and 12th onwards. Panelists also suggested that more and more outreach centers need to be developed for promoting IP amongst students and faculty members of other universities and colleges. Prof. Rajat Agrawal, IPR Chair suggested that generally people consider that IPR is related to law and is mainly for science people. But most of the grass root innovations are from the people who have not been part of formal education. Two hundred and thirty Participants put forward their views in the form of short notes/essays on women, innovation and IPR in India and in world scenario.