Hezbollah downs Israeli drone over Lebanon with missile

    The Hawk
    June1/ 2024
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    Hezbollah, the militant group based in Lebanon, claimed responsibility for the interception, stating the action was in solidarity with Gaza amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

    Representative Image of Israeli pilotless plane

    Jerusalem: An Israeli pilotless plane was shot down over Lebanese territory by a surface-to-air missile on Saturday, Israel's military said, and Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the interception.

    In a statement, Hezbollah said it downed a Hermes 900 drone in solidarity with Gaza, where Israel has been waging an almost eight-month-old war against Hamas, another Iranian-backed group.

    Video circulated online appeared to show a plane of a size corresponding to that of a Hermes, aflame and gyring earthward.