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    Haryana Sarpanch Association Gives 10 Days Ultimatum To The Government

    Inam Ansari
    May30/ 2023
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    Haryana Sarpanch Association

    Chandigarh (The Hawk): Under the banner of Haryana Sarpanch Association (HSA), Sarpanches from different districts of Haryana gathered in Jind today. All the sarpanches unanimously decided that their agitation will continue till their demands are not met.  

    Haryana Sarpanch Association state president Ranbir Samain got passed several resolutions during the Sarpanch rally, a release of the association reveals so.

    The BJP- JJP government of Haryana has been given a 10 days ultimatum to fulfil the demands, after 10 days boycott banners will be put up at the entry gate of every village in Haryana and entry of BJP- JJP leaders will be boycotted in the village. On June 20, they will besiege the residences of all MPs of Haryana and till 2024, association will run a campaign against BJP-JJP leaders , states the release of the association .  

    It was also decided that in 2024 Lok Sabha election, association will deploy thirty youths on one booth to defeat BJP- JJP leaders. If the demands are not fulfilled, then in 2024 Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections association will sweep up the BJP-JJP alliance.  

    Sarpanches association demanded that the Panchayati Raj Act be fully implemented, the wages of MNREGA workers should be 600 rupees per day, a compensation Rs 25 lakhs on the death of MNREGA workers due to any reason, the right to recall should be cancelled for Sarpanches or it should also be implemented for MLAs and MPs. Speaking from the platform, Haryana Sarpanch Association state president Ranbir Samain said that the government has come down on dictatorship but the sarpanches have now also prepared to fight a long battle. Samain said that all Haryana sarpanches with the support of the common man will teach the government a lesson by defeating it in the election.

     Samain warned that the government should not make the mistake of considering the sarpanches as weak. He said that the government first beat the farmers, then the youths and now the wrestlers. The government has not spared the sarpanches also and has lathi-charged twice including in Jind and Panchkula. But the sarpanches will answer the stick of the government by the injury of the vote.

    The president of the association said that if Panchayat Minister Devendra Babli, who used abusive words for Sarpanches, was given a ticket by any party in 2024, that party would be boycotted in the elections.

    He said that people's movement will be started in the rural areas by taking all classes together, the result of which will be seen in 2024. The state president said that the BJP- JJP government wants to abolish the Panchayati Raj Act and bring dictatorship. Ranbir Samain alleged that when the authority of panchayats was with the government for 2 years, they emptied the accounts of the panchayats and promoted corruption. The government's new laws will abolish the authority of panchayats. New laws along with promoting corruption will promote dictatorship and rural areas will be ruined. This is a battle of the people, so it will be fought to the end.

    Santosh Bainiwal, the state vice president of the Sarpanch Association, said that on June 20, the residences of all BJP MPs in Haryana will be surrounded and the government will be warned. If any BJP or JJP candidate comes to seek votes in the election, then they will teach him a lesson. Every section of Haryana will be connected with the demands of Sarpanches.

    The general secretary of the association Isham Singh Jamba said that the government wants to abolish panchayats but the sarpanches will abolish this BJP- JJP government. He said that it is not a battle of sarpanches, but a battle to save the panchayat system of the country. If these panchayats are over, the country will be ruled by dictatorship and no one will listen to anyone. 

         —Jag Mohan Thaken