Harsh Vardhan clarifies stand over Bidhuri's abusive remarks on Danish Ali

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    September22/ 2023
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    Harsh Vardhan

    New Delhi: Amid controversy over abusive language used by BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri against Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Danish Ali in Lok Sabha, former Union Minister and BJP MP Harsh Vardhan on Friday clarified his stance on the matter.

    While the opposition parties have demanded Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to take strict action against Bidhuri, sources in the Lok Sabha are saying that Birla has given strict warning to Bidhuri regarding the abusive remarks used by him against the BSP MP.

    Speaker has said that Biduri behaves like this again in the Parliament, strict action will be taken against him.

    Bidhuri's remarks have been expunged before the proceedings of the Parliament.

    Former minister Harsh Vardhan, who was present in the House at the time of the incident, has also issued a clarification on X, saying that "the whole House was a witness to the unparliamentary language used by two Lok Sabha MPs against each other to which he was also a witness. But to malign his image, he is being dragged into this unfortunate incident due to which he is feeling sad and humiliated."

    "I have seen my name trending on Twitter where people have dragged me into this unfortunate incident where two MPs were using unparliamentary language against each other in the House. Our senior and respected leader Rajnath Singh has already condemned the use of such inappropriate language by both the parties' (BJP and BSP) leaders.

    "I ask my Muslim friends who are writing against me on social media today, do they really believe that I could ever be complicit in the use of such derogatory language that would hurt the sentiments of any one particular community? This is an infamous and fabricated story full of negativity and is being used by some vested political elements on social media to malign my image.

    "In 30 years of public life, I have worked closely with millions of Muslim brothers and sisters in my constituency as well as colleagues from different walks of life. Born and brought up in the iconic streets of Chandni Chowk, I spent my childhood there and grew up playing with my Muslim friends. I can say with utmost confidence and conviction that all Muslim brothers and sisters who have ever been in contact with me will vouch for my feelings and behaviour.

    "I was very happy to win as MP from the prestigious constituency of Chandni Chowk and this would never have happened if all the communities had not supported me. I feel sad and insulted that some people with vested interests have dragged my name into this incident.

    "Although I was undoubtedly witness to the abusive use of words being hurled at each other (which was in fact the entire House was a witness to), the truth of the matter is that in the chaos that ensued I could not hear clearly what was being said. I have always stuck to my principles in life. And I have never been apologetic about following them, putting the interests of my country and its people above everything else," Harsh Vardhan wrote on X.

    While speaking in the Lok Sabha on the success of Chandrayaan-3 and the achievements of India's space programme, BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri used abusive words for BSP MP Danish Ali.

    After the opposition parties created ruckus on this issue, the Presiding Chairman removed Bidhuri's objectionable words from the proceedings of the House, but as the ruckus continued from the opposition parties, Deputy Leader and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh expressed regret over the words of Bidhuri, saying that he has not heard the controversial comment of Bidhuri

    "But if Bidhuri has used some such words which have hurt the sentiments of the BSP MP, then the BJP expresses regret over it and these words should be removed from the proceedings of the House."