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    Gujarat: 6 drown in Bortalav lake; 5 rescued, 1 still missing

    The Hawk
    May21/ 2024
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    The rescued girls have been shifted to the hospital for treatment. The incident has raised concerns about safety measures at the lake.

    Representative Image of Drowning

    Bhavnagar (Gujarat): Five girls were rescued from Bortalav Lake in Bhavnagar, Gujarat and one boy was still missing after they drowned on Tuesday, officials said.
    According to Chief Fire Officer, Pradyuman Singh Jadeja, search operations to find the other missing boy are underway.
    Jadeja further informed that the girls rescued from the lake had been shifted to the hospital.
    "An incident was reported in which five girls and a boy drowned in the Bortalav Lake in Bhavnagar. Search operation had started and the girls were rescued. They have been shifted to the hospital for treatment," he said.