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    Governance Of Development Is The Mood Of The Country: Naqvi

    April20/ 2022
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    Allahabad: Union Minister for Minority Affairs and Senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Sunday said here that "governance for development" and "politics for progress" is the mood of the nation and mockery of development by some political parties and people will not affect the Modi government's commitment to progress of the nation. During an interaction with BJP workers and the common people in the Sangam city, Mr Naqvi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created "mood of development" across the country by making villages, farmers, poor people and youths as the central point of welfare schemes. Our Government has succeeded to ensure "corruption free & development oriented" system in the country. Mr Naqvi said that a "frustrated bashing brigade" is trying to paint negative picture of the country and undermining the ground reality. He said that there is a competition going on between those who work and those who are engaged in "bashing and blaming". In this competition, those who work for progress of the people will emerge victorious. The union minister said that while on one hand some people consider it as their "right" to blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi for everything, on the other hand, Mr Modi considers to work for the country's progress as his religion. Mr Naqvi said that during the last three years, "blockade of brokers from power corridors of Delhi" and "lockout of loot lobby" has created panic among "champions of corruption". These people are engaged in misinformation campaign against the Modi Government. But reality is that the Modi Government has been successful on every front. He said that the world's perception about India has been changed during the last three years due to the development works by the BJP-led Government. Today, each and every nation of the world is recognising India as a strong and emerging economic power. While the economy's growth rate was about 4.5 per cent during the UPA, it has been above 7 per cent during the last three years of the Modi Government. Foreign Exchange Reserve has increased to 37,000 crore dollars; more than 6000 crore dollars FDI has come. During the last three years, about 2 lakh crores of rupees have been sent directly to bank accounts of the needy by eliminating middlemen. More than 15 crore people have been covered under "Jan Suraksha Schemes". More than 30 crore new bank accounts have been opened. Mr Naqvi said that 133 KM roads have been constructed every day, 14,000 villages have been provided electricity and every household will be provided electricity by 2018. He said that the Modi government has been moving forwarad to build "New India" through "Reform, Perform & Transform". UNI

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