Gauahar Khan Denied Right to Vote Despite Showing Aadhaar

    The Hawk
    May20/ 2024
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    Gauahar Khan faced frustration at the polling booth during the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections in Mumbai as her name was missing from the voters' list despite presenting her Aadhaar Card.

    Gauahar Khan

    Mumbai: Gauahar Khan was frustrated after being initially denied the right to vote in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. Today, May 20, Mumbai is voting, and Gauahar, along with other celebrities, went to cast her vote but faced issues.

    She shared on Instagram that her name was not on the voters' list when she first arrived at the polling booth. Even after requesting the authorities to accept her Aadhaar Card as proof of identity, she encountered difficulties.

    Eventually, she was able to vote. Gauahar questioned, “Why do we have Aadhaar cards if we are not considered citizens enough to vote? Your Aadhaar card is your identity as an Indian citizen.”

    She also mentioned that many former residents of her apartment building were still on the list and could vote before her, causing frustration. She added, “People are literally fighting because they have their IDs, but their names are not on the list. This is the most basic deprivation of your right to vote!”

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    After resolving the issues, Gauahar showed off her inked finger on Instagram, encouraging everyone to vote despite the difficulties.