G20 Summit success has given nation confidence to organise global events: PM

    Nidhi Khurana
    September22/ 2023
    Last Updated:

    New Delhi: The success of the G20 Summit, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given the country the confidence to host future global events, and he has urged those involved in the summit's planning and execution to write up their reflections.

    From September 9-10, this location hosted the G20 Summit, which was presided over by India. At the Bharat Mandapam location, Modi also thanked local officials and organisers for their contributions to the summit's success.

    He drew comparisons between the G20 Summit and the Commonwealth Games, saying that the former's planning became bogged down in scandals that tarnished the country's reputation and fueled widespread despair within the political establishment.

    However, the overall impact of the G20 Summit has been positive, serving to demonstrate the country's might to the international community. Editorial acclaim is of little interest to me. "The real happiness for me is that my country is now confident that it can host any such event in the best possible way," the prime minister added.

    According to him, the Union Ministers and the senior officers were sitting at the back while the lower-level staff were up front. "I like this arrangement because it assures me that my foundation is strong," Modi stated.

    The prime minister had the officials sit down and talk about their work informally as part of the project. Regular office work doesn't give you a chance to learn about people's strengths, he said.

    Modi argued that this helped put an individual's accomplishments in context. Understanding the efforts of others motivates us to raise our own standards. Mazdoor ekta zindabad is the topic of today's show. Every one of us is a mazdoor (worker). I'll make you a bad mazdoor, and you'll make me a good one. We are all destined for greatness. I'm a gigantic mazdoor, and you're just little mazdoors. As a group, "he said, "we are all workers.

    The prime minister requested that the officials keep a record of their observations and lessons learned throughout the extensive planning and execution process. He felt the text may be used to set standards for future gatherings.

    According to Modi, the key to the success of such large-scale events is everyone involved feeling like they are an integral part of the organisation.

    He also spoke about India's assistance in times of crisis, using the hurricane that hit Fiji and the crises in Sri Lanka and the Maldives as examples. Modi remarked that "everything proved India's strength and its ability to reach everywhere in times of need."

    The prime minister stressed the importance of international experience and added that a global perspective and context should guide all efforts.

    Around three thousand people took part in the discussion, which helped make the G20 Summit a success. Those who have worked at lower levels, such as cleaners, drivers, waiters, and other ministry personnel, were prominently represented. Many ministers and government officials were present for the discussion. —Inputs from Agencies