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    Foundation of Future

    The Hawk
    May18/ 2023

    Future Foundation

    Schools and colleges are increasing day by day. In the statistics, the number of degree holders is increasing everyday. But the effect of this expansion of education which should have been visible on the society, is not visible in the true sense. Why is it so? For this, it will be necessary to pay attention to the interrelationships of education, students and society. There is no eye like Vidya. Humans are helpless without knowledge. Education destroys the darkness of ignorance. By spreading the light of knowledge, it paves the way for success. In this way education comes in the form of a torch in the life of man. ThisIn the light of the torch, man can understand his good and bad. 

    Through books and by getting the experience and knowledge of others, man can make his imagination come true. From this point of view, students are the future of a country. They are the leaders or representatives of the future generation of the country. The reins of the country are going to come in their hands. It is natural that the students of that country play an important role in the development of a country. For students to be able to play this role, it is necessary to educate them through life related education.Right personality building. 

    It is also necessary to keep them busy in creative activities during the education period. But today it is being seen that apart from book studies, the students neither have any kind of creative engagement nor are they getting proper guidance about it. It is the responsibility of the teachers to rescue the students from this situation and make them capable of performing the expected role. They are the guides, they lay the foundation of the future. The irony is that moral decline is visible everywhere today.Teachers and students suffering from the spirit of selfishness have forgotten their ideal. It is common for various types of crimes to happen spontaneously in social life. To bring the society and the country back on track, the first need of the day is to improve the relationship between education, students and teachers. There is a need to reform the education system so that students can become disciplined and prudent. Such students can participate in taking the society and the country towards the right development.