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    Finito Ajit Pawar

    The Hawk
    May5/ 2023

    Ajit Pawar

    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Finito Ajit Pawar...Hail Sharad Pawar 'Saheb': Hale & Hearty Amply...Then determined, relinquishes. NCP Chief's post, now condescends to the NCP members' demand + wishes, withdraws his resignation of party presidentship and is back in to the mainstream power politics with a "real bang"...Thus down and out his inherent, opportunistic "Mir Zafar-nephew" Ajit Pawar, his "repeatedly tom-tomed promises of friending NCP with the BJP and become Maharashtra CM himself". "PawarSaheb" prognosticated this long before, to snub Ajit Pawar, his lackeys' "ditching modus operandi" he resigned to thoroughly expose Ajit Pawar so that he then on remains in his lair for all times to come hence forth. And, NCP becomes right on top again, say overtly joyous, exuberant NCP members unanimously. ...Finito Ajit Pawar+.