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    Exploring Mountain Literature: A Captivating Session Held At Shoolini University

    Inam Ansari
    May30/ 2023
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    Exploring Mountain Literature

    Shimla (The Hawk): The Belletristic Literature Society at Shoolini University hosted a thought-provoking session on "Mountain Literature: A Multi-Thematic Analysis and Exploration of SR Harnot's Stories." The speaker of the session was, Dr. Abhiyudita Gautam, who delved into the complexities of literature inspired by mountains, offering a profound exploration of this genre. Dr. Gautam, a recognised specialist in the field of mountain literature, brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the session. 

    Dr. Purnima Bali, the Head of the School, provided a brief overview of Belletristic and also introduced the guest. Dr. Gautam, shared their thoughts and questions, fostering a fruitful dialogue. Prof. Nasser Desht Peyma also contributed to the discussion by emphasising that authors are storytellers rather than mere reporters of events. Dr. Gautam, drawing on her expertise, responded eloquently to each query, enhancing the session's depth and resonance. The session was concluded with remarks by Mr. Neeraj Pizar, who also delivered the vote of thanks. He extended his appreciation to Dr. Gautam, the panellists, and the attendees, acknowledging their collective effort in making the session a resounding success.