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    Ex-VHP leader Maniyan arrested for comments against Ambedkar

    The Hawk
    September14/ 2023
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    Chennai: RBVS Maniyan, the former leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) Tamil Nadu unit, was arrested on Thursday over his remarks against Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

    Confirming his arrest, the Mambalam police said Maniyan was charged with various sections of the IPC, including the SC/ST Act.

    While addressing a private function here on Monday, the former VHP leader said that the Indian Constitution was not framed by a single person but it was a collective effort.

    He claimed that the Constitution was prepared by a team of 300 members led by the country's first President, Rajendra Prasad.

    Maniyan said that certain lunatics were stating that it was Ambekdar who had framed the Constitution and added that these people had pawned their intelligence.

    He also said that Ambedkar did not belong to the caste of VCK president Thirumavalavan, adding that the late leader was a Chakkliyar, while the latter is a Pariyar.

    He also said that Rajendra Prasad should have been given credit for framing the Constitution instead of Ambedkar who was only the chairman of the drafting committee.

    Maniyan further said that Ambedkar had never said that he wrote the Constitution.

    Ambedkar had verified the debates, discussions and speeches and clarified them and there was no contribution from him, the former VHP leader added.