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    Elon Musk promises ad-free Twitter for premium subscribers

    Pushkar Raj Kapoor
    January22/ 2023
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    Elon Musk

    Washington: Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, made the announcement in a series of tweets on Saturday that the social media platform's subscription service will display less advertising to users and would even provide an ad-free tier.

    The statement comes at a time when the social network is dealing with significant economic uncertainty as a result of Musk's purchase of the company in October.

    "The amount and frequency of advertisements is excessive. In the coming weeks, we will be taking action to solve both of these issues "On Saturday, Musk sent a post to his account on Twitter.

    "There will be a more cost membership that enables zero commercials," Musk said, adding that this option will be available to customers who select it.

    In the past, Twitter has generated revenue through targeted advertising; however, in the middle of December, the company introduced a paid subscription service, so this would represent a significant shift in the way Twitter conducts business.

    However, since Musk sacked around half of Twitter's 7,500 employees at the end of last year, the company's advertising has been a source of concern. The action prompted concerns that the corporation did not have adequate people to carry out content filtering, which alarmed governments as well as advertisers.

    Musk stated that his plan was to significantly cut costs while simultaneously increasing revenue, and he anticipated that a new subscription service called Twitter Blue, which offers users the highly sought-after blue verification tick in exchange for a fee, would assist him in achieving this objective.

    According to a page on the company's website, the service has a monthly cost of $11 in the United States and is compatible with both the iOS mobile operating system from Apple and the Android mobile operating system from Google.

    Subscriptions to websites can be purchased for $8 per month or, to receive a discount, for $84 per year.

    Twitter Blue is now accessible to users in Japan, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

    Twitter has been thrown into disarray under Musk's leadership, with mass firings, the reinstatement of previously suspended accounts, and the suspension of journalists who have expressed criticism of the South African-born entrepreneur.

    As a result of Musk's takeover, there was an increase in tweets that were racist or hateful, which drew the attention of regulators and scared away major advertisers, which are Twitter's primary source of revenue.

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