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    Dhami Unveils Atal Community Innovation Centre at SGT University

    Inam Ansari
    December23/ 2022
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    CM Dhami

    Gurugram: The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami, and Member of Parliament from Ayodhya, Shri. Lallu Singh unveiled the Atal Community Innovation Centre at Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) University on Wednesday. The pioneers of SGT University have taken the responsibility of creating the next generation of leaders with a vision and mission to bridge the existing skills gap and develop world-class industry professionals. Carrying forward this tradition, SGT University organised a series of lectures on the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP).

    Atal Community Innovation Centre, Powered by NITI Aayog is a project of the Atal Innovation Mission, the Government of India’s programme whose focus is on promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Among the mission’s goals is to establish world-class incubation centres, and nurture and support innovative tech-based start-ups. SGT University has established several centres of excellence, which help it achieve academic excellence and carry out cutting-edge research work. Besides, SGT University has also set up laboratories, incubation cells and industry-academia associations.

    The programme commenced with lamp lighting by Chief Guest Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand; Special Guest Shri. Lallu Singh, MP Ayodhya; Trustee Shri. Manmohan Singh Chawla, SGT University; Chairperson Smt. Madhupreet Kaur Chawla, SGT University. Vice Chancellor Prof O.P. Kalra, SGT University expressed gratitude to both the honoured guests by presenting the book, ‘Constitution: An Untold Story’, written by Padmashree Shri. Ram Bahadur Rai ji, Chancellor - SGT University. While inaugurating the ACIC, Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami complimented the students, staff, faculty and senior management of the university.

    While encouraging the university students and senior management, the Honorable Chief Minister remarked, "Take a resolution to fulfill your dreams, do not look for alternatives. Accepting the alternative would be like giving up. Have unwavering faith in yourself. The new education strategy will affect the past, present and future of the education system. Under the direction of the Honorable Prime Minister Modi, a new, comprehensive education policy has been introduced. The new policy spans the entire human race, from man to the universe. Agricultural work in the area of rural development is being done in 200 villages by students and faculty at SGT University, which is playing a significant part in India's growth."

    Speaking about the event, Dr. Rajneesh Wadhwa Dean, External Affairs, & Director, at SGT University said, "It has been nothing less than an honour for us to have Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami preside over today's inauguration, and also present his considered thoughts on the National Education Policy 2020. Through the unveiling of the Atal Community Innovation Centre, we at SGT University feel great pride in doing our bit to help realise the government's goal of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. The Chief Minister's address to the students of SGT University will surely encourage them as they look to complete their graduation and contemplate their careers, while also motivating them to take India to greater heights." —PTI