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    Delhi water crisis BJP-made: AAP's Sanjay Singh

    The Hawk
    June17/ 2024
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    During a press conference, Singh claimed that the BJP was conspiring to deprive Delhi residents of water, labeling it a BJP-sponsored crisis.

    Sanjay Singh on Water Crisis

    New Delhi: AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh on Monday alleged that the water crisis in Delhi was orchestrated by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

    Addressing a press conference, Singh accused the saffron party of hatching a conspiracy against the residents of the national capital.

    There was no immediate reaction from the BJP on the allegations.

    "We believe, 'pyase ko paani pilane se zyada punya ka kaam nahi hota,' and there is no bigger sin than stopping water.

    "I am saying there is a BJP-sponsored water crisis. BJP wants no water for Delhi people and there are doing all conspiracies to ensure it," Singh alleged.

    He said the Delhi gets water from Haryana, and when the BJP-ruled state does not give the required water, it leads to a shortage.

    "We are not getting water as per our demand. When we request the Haryana government, they don't listen. We request the LG but he doesn't do the required work," he claimed.

    Several areas in the national capital have been reeling under a water crisis for weeks, with little to no supply, and shortage being met by private water tankers.