Delhi Police unveils organ transplantation loopholes; donors, recipients trained to reply in Bengali

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    July11/ 2024
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    The accused manipulated hospital documentation, involving a doctor and a translator to conduct 35 illegal transplants.

    Representative Image of Arrest

    New Delhi: The Delhi Police Crime Branch unveiled the modus operandi in an organ transplantation racket with international links, operating across Bangladesh and India.
    According to the Senior officials of the Crime Branch, the accused had got their jobs done from the hospitals and had also lured a doctor and a translator.
    Delhi Police Crime Branch revealed that 35 transplants were conducted in two hospitals.
    The investigation is ongoing to determine if the hospital authorities properly verified the documents. As per officials, the accused had created fake letterheads from hospitals in Bangladesh and only changed the email address.
    As per them, the organ racketeers had printed fake letterheads of the hospitals in Bangladesh.
    The accused had only changed the email addresses. These accused were well aware that their email would be sent to the concerned hospitals in Bangladesh and would help access the email.
    New email IDs were created because the accused knew they would not be able to hack the email IDs. After receiving emails from the Indian hospitals about the documents, the accused themselves replied positively to them.
    The donors and recipients were trained to answer in Bengali, knowing that the interview panel might not be able to understand the language.
    The translator was involved in the racket and used to inform the details prepared by the team irrespective of the answers given by the patients.
    Donors and recipients were coached to avoid contradictions during the panel interview.
    The police may seek details from the Bangladesh embassy regarding the details of the donors and receivers. The priority is to verify the documents submitted by the hospital.
    Further action on the accused will be decided later.
    Earlier on July 9, the Delhi Police Crime Branch had arrested a doctor and busted an organ transplantation racket with links in Bangladesh and India.
    Amit Goel, DCP Crime Branch said "Seven people have been arrested in connection with an international organ transplant racket."
    Further, he said, "The mastermind of this racket was a Bangladeshi. Both the donor and the recipient were from Bangladesh. We have arrested a person named Russell, who used to arrange the patients and donors. The female doctor involved in the transplants has also been arrested. Investigation is underway," he said.