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    Delhi govt to register construction workers at labour sites using mobile vans

    The Hawk
    September13/ 2023
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    New Delhi: Delhi Labour Department on Wednesday said that it will register construction workers at all labour sites in Delhi using mobile vans.

    It said that this registration through mobile vans will ensure that they can avail benefits under various welfare schemes.

    "We are committed to ensuring that all the rights of our construction industry's hardworking men and women are granted according to their qualifications. Initiating mobile registration vans will be a significant step in this direction as it will help deliver essential documents for all welfare schemes to as many laborers as possible," Labour Minister Raaj Kumar Anand said.

    He said that a specially designed skill development program for Delhi's construction workers will soon be launched.

    “The plan is to commence it at the end of this month. This program will provide opportunities for laborers to improve their skills, opening up new avenues for their employment prospects.”

    "The distribution of Newsletters will commence at construction sites in Delhi, containing all crucial information. This will aid in raising awareness about departmental initiatives for the workers."