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    Delhi building collapse kills 3, 9 rescued

    The Hawk
    October10/ 2022

    New Delhi (The Hawk): The building that collapsed in Central Delhi's Lahori Gate on Monday caused the deaths of three people, including a young girl of only four years old, and resulted in the rescue of nine people, according to the police.

    The building was brought down by the heavy rain that occurred on Sunday night.

    An FIR has been registered by the Delhi Police under the Indian Penal Code's sections 304A, 336, 337, and 338.

    According to a member of the fire department, the structure had three levels. They were initially dispatched to the scene after receiving a report of a collapsed roof, but once they arrived, they discovered that the entire building had been destroyed.

    At approximately 7:30 p.m., a call was placed to the fire department informing them of the collapse that had occurred in the Lahori Gate area. The person who placed the call reported that a house in the Frash khana neighbourhood had a roof that had caved in.

    As soon as they heard that the entire building had collapsed, additional fire engines were dispatched to the scene. Initially, there were five fire engines that were rushed to the scene.

    "Five people who were trapped in the debris were fished out and transported to the hospital," the rescuers said. "The search and rescue operation is still in progress," the official stated.

    Additionally, the local police had arrived on the scene and were providing assistance to the fire fighters.

    Later on, four additional people were pulled from the rubble and rushed to the hospital after being rescued.

    There were a total of nine patients admitted to the LNJP Hospital. Amara (45), Nilofar (50), Mohd Imran (40), Sukhbir (34), Ankit (28), Ashok (40), and Sayaid Jishan (40) were identified as the victims who sustained injuries (30). According to the official, everyone is currently receiving treatment.

    One of the deceased was a child named Khusi who was only four years old. The child was pronounced dead as soon as they got to the hospital.

    (Inputs from Agencies)