Couple held for murdering mentally ill daughter in Telangana

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    May20/ 2024
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    The parents, frustrated by the recurrence of her illness, allegedly strangulated Priyanka in their home. The couple has confessed to the crime and is currently in judicial custody as further investigations continue.

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    Karimnagar (Telangana): A couple was arrested for allegedly murdering their mentally ill daughter in this district, police said on Monday.

    According to Rajanna Sircilla Superintendent of Police Akhil Mahajan, "Chepyala Narsaiah (49) and his wife Yellavva (43) of Nerella killed their daughter Priyanka (24) and claimed it was a natural death."

    The woman had been suffering from a mental disorder for several years. The parents got her treated and conducted marriage for her. She had a 13-month-old son.

    Due to the recurrence of mental sickness, the woman was given treatment again and taken to a place of worship, but of no use.

    Vexed, the parents planned to end her life. They allegedly strangulated her with a rope while she was asleep at their house on May 14, the police official said.

    They informed their son-in-law about the death and conducted the funeral on the following day.

    The villagers were suspicious over the woman's death and lodged a complaint with the police.

    During the investigation, the couple confessed to the crime.

    "The couple was remanded to judicial custody," Mahajan said, adding, further investigation is underway.