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    Country runs only on basis of constitution: Chirag Paswan on Baba Bageshwar

    May18/ 2023

    Chirag Paswan

    Patna: After repeated statements of Baba Bageshwar on 'Hindu nation', Chirag Paswan, the MP from Jamui and national president of LJPR, said on Thursday that the country will be run only on the basis of constitution.

    After arriving in Patna on Thursday, Paswan said: "Everyone is free to express his views. All have the right to say what they think, but the country will eventually run on the basis of the constitution. In the last 75 years, the country has run only on the basis of constitution. The opposition leaders are blaming that the constitution and the democracy of the country are being killed. I want to ask them if the election has stopped here. Are political parties making their own laws by putting the constitution of the country aside."

    "We all are under the constitution. People of every religion come here and put their points of view but the country runs only on the basis of constitution," Paswan said.

    The statement of Chirag Paswan came after Baba Bageshwar during his five-day stay in Patna repeatedly advocated for working to build a Hindu nation.

    Paswan also slammed the Nitish Kumar government after a drone costing Rs 60 lakh was stolen a few days ago. Chirag Paswan said: "He has failed to secure government assets. Moreover, he is roaming in the country to become prime minister. What vision does he have? Sometimes bridges collapse due to wind and drone theft takes place." IANS