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    Contribute For Development Of Punjab: Speaker Asks NRIs In Canada

    Inam Ansari
    September3/ 2022
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    Speaker Asks NRIs In Canada

    Chandigarh: Speaker of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Kultar Singh Sandhwan, has appealed to the NRI Punjabis in Canada to contribute towards the development of the state.

    Addressing the Punjabi community in Vancouver, the Speaker said wherever Punjabis have gone around the world, they have created a distinct identity with their nature and hard work.

    These characteristic make them different from others, he said, adding that Punjabis have also contributed to a great extent for the development of Canada and have set up their own huge businesses.

    Sandhavan said that now it is their responsibility to play such a role for the development of own motherland. During his address, the Speaker appealed to the Punjabis living in Canada to start their developmental initiatives in Punjab.

    He said that although Punjabis live thousands of miles away from their motherland, their soul resides in Punjab. He said that every Punjabi is proud of their success. He expressed hope that they will also take steps for the development of the people living in the motherland. Sandhavan assured to give all help to those who will start their ventures in Punjab. —IANS