Conservation, management of Teesta river in Bangladesh will be undertaken with suitable Indian assistance: FS Kwatra

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    June22/ 2024
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    Both Prime Ministers, Modi and Hasina, agreed to enhance cooperation on counterterrorism and discussed a comprehensive bilateral engagement covering regional and global issues.

    Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra

    New Delhi: Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said on Saturday that a joint technical committee will initiate discussions for renewal of the Ganges water sharing treaty, and added that "conservation and management of the Teesta River" will also be undertaken in Bangladesh with suitable Indian assistance.
    "In terms of bilateral partnership on reverse management, common rivers and their suitable management are of utmost importance before India and Bangladesh. A joint technical committee to initiate discussions for renewal of the Ganges water sharing treaty of 1996 has been formed. The technical discussions on this will soon begin. We will also be undertaking conservation and management of the Teesta River inside Bangladesh with suitable Indian assistance," Kwatra said during a special press briefing today.
    Notably, Teesta river has a network of small channels with islands in between created by the large amounts of sediment carried down from the Himalayas accumulating on the river bed. This causes frequent floods and severe erosion of the river bank during the monsoon, and in the dry season the river basin faces a shortage of water.

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    He added that both PM Modi, and Sheikh Hasina who is on a state visit to India, also agreed to intensify engagement on counterterrorism.
    Kwatra stated, "The two leaders also agreed to intensify engagement on counterterrorism, counter-radicalization, and peaceful management of our long land border."
    "The conversations between the two prime ministers covered a full range of our bilateral engagement and also issues of regional and global importance. There was agreement by both leaders to give a new direction, and impetus, and provide substance in strengthening our bilateral and sub-regional cooperation," he added.
    In a joint address to the media after meeting Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina at Hyderabad House earlier today, PM Modi said that the two countries have decided to start talks at the technical level for the renewal of the Ganga River treaty.
    A technical team will also travel to Bangladesh to review the protection and management of the Teesta River in Bangladesh, he had said.
    Meanwhile, on bilateral talks between PM Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Secretary Kwatra said, "To turn this relationship into a transformational partnership... both leaders jointly agreed to the India-Bangladesh shared vision for future enhanced connectivity, commerce, and collaboration for shared prospects..."
    "This vision document seeks to realize our respective national development visions of Viksit Bharat 2047 and Smart Bangladesh's vision of 2041..." the Foreign Secretary said.
    PM Modi in his joint address, mentioned that the two nations have developed a futuristic vision for our cooperation in new sectors, adding that the agreements on green partnership, digital partnership, blue economy, and space will benefit the youths of both countries.
    Emphasizing the focus on 'Connectivity, Commerce, Collaboration', he said the two sides are ready to initiate talks on CEPA to bolster economic ties between the two countries.
    He said the Bharat-Bangladesh Maitri Satellite will give new heights to India-Bangladesh relationship.
    "Bharat-Bangladesh Maitri Satellite will give new heights to our relationship. Connectivity, Commerce, and Collaboration have been our focus. In the last 10 years, we have restored the connectivity that existed before 1965. We will now focus on digital and energy connectivity even more. This will speed up the economies of both countries," the Prime Minister said.
    The two leaders held bilateral meeting earlier today.
    Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina is on a two-day state visit in India.