Congress party like 'rusted iron' which promoted corruption, poverty and appeasement politics: PM Modi

    Nidhi Khurana
    September25/ 2023
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    Bhopal: On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress party ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, comparing it to "rusted iron" that, if given another chance, will place the state back in the BIMARU category.

    The Prime Minister, speaking at the BJP's mammoth rally, the "Karyakarta Mahakumb," claimed that the Congress and its partners in the "Ghamandia" coalition only voted for the Women's Reservation Bill out of fear and reluctance after realising the strength of "nari shakti."

    He predicted that Congress would abandon the bill to reserve 33 percent of seats in Congress and state legislatures for women if given the chance.

    The 'Karyakarta Mahakumbh' was held on the birthday of Jana Sangh founder Deendayal Upadhyaya as the BJP's state-spanning 'Jan Ashirwad Yatras' came to a formal close.

    The Women's Reservation Act was supported by Congress and its allies because of pressure. "Modi hai to Mumkin hai" opened the door for its success. Modi criticised Congress and its allies for blocking the passage of this bill when they were in power and remarked, "I mean the guarantee of fulfilling guarantees."

    The Congress Party has a long history of bribing voters and pandering to special interest groups in order to win elections. Modi compared it to rusty iron that would rust to death if left outside in the rain.

    Without directly naming him, he also took aim at Rahul Gandhi, stating that "the life of poor people is like adventure tourism and picnic, and the poor person's agri field is a place for video shooting and photo session" for Congress leaders born into privilege.

    Modi congratulated first-time voters in MP, calling the state the epicentre of the BJP's development programme for India.

    He also emphasised the importance of developing MP for the sake of a prosperous India.

    Modi claimed that the Congress actively sought to keep people impoverished. While in power, Congress turned resource-rich Madhya Pradesh into a backwards state known as BIMARU.

    He claimed that over 13.5 crore Indians had been lifted out of poverty during the BJP's five years in power.

    During its lengthy tenure after Independence, the Congress had transformed MP into a BIMARU state. If given the chance, "it will make MP BIMARU again," Modi said.

    The new Parliament building, good roads and new stations were all things he said the Congress should be proud of, but he blasted the BJP for disparaging them.

    Negativity is disseminated via Congress. They look down on the nation's successes with distaste. They want to return the country to the 20th century," Modi said, adding that the states in which the Congress had power had been decimated by corruption costing hundreds of billions of rupees.

    When Modi took the platform, the women of the BJP presented him with a massive garland to celebrate the success of the Women's Reservation Bill.—Inputs from Agencies