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    Brothers In Arms

    Sunil Aswal
    January2/ 2023
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    soumitra bose

    Brothers In Arms truly: Quoting Varun Gandhi - "Rahul is my brother, I am his brother...Dare any one say anything against him. Mai usey chhorunga nehee. Savdhan...". Silence but fully studied one by "the other brother" Rahul, reportedly extremely keen to embrace him in to the Congress in the true spirit of "united we are stolid", is 'happy' with Varun-"threats". Visibly, physically, Varun looks 'elder' to Rahul but, the latter is far elder to him but is "not aggressive as Varun" who now wants "unification" with Rahul to evince "the formidable unvanquishable combine they are", keenly observe insiders. "Brothers in arms indeed", say their followers + fans.

    —The Hawk