BJP govt spent Rs 4,100cr for G20 Summit, says Congress

    Pankaj Sharma
    September11/ 2023
    Last Updated:

    New Delhi: Congress on Monday said that the BJP-led government has spent Rs 4,100 crore for the G20 Summit.Congress said that no number of beautification drives can hide the economic mess the ruling dispensation has spread across the country.

    “The allocated budget for the G20 Summit was Rs 990 crore. The BJP government spent Rs 4,100 crore. After the COVID-19 pandemic, governments the world over have curtailed their spending on public events. For context, Indonesia spent less than 10 per cent of India's expenditure - a measly Rs 364 crore for the Bali Summit,” senior Congress leader K. C. Venugopal wrote on X.

    “This government that cannot ensure cheap LPG or petrol/diesel, refuses to compensate farmers who faced crop destruction, does not release adequate funds for restoration of flood-devastated Himachal Pradesh, has over shot the budget for this image-building exercise.”

    “No number of beautification drives can hide the economic mess this government has spread across the country. We don’t need to look any further than the flooded Bharat Mandapam to know how public money has gone down the drain,” he wrote in an apparent reference to the viral video of the water logged Bharat Mandapam, the main venue of the G20 Summit.

    PIB Fact Check had earlier said the claim was exaggerated and misleading.

    The two-day G20 Summit which concluded here on Sunday has been a success for the country with African Union became a permanent member of the group and the New Delhi Declaration was adopted with consensus.