Bhutan: Former tour guide embarks on journey of passion, ventures into poultry farming

    Inam Ansari
    May28/ 2023
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    Poultry Farming

    Thimphu: A former tour guide of Bhutan, Cheki Dorji has found his journey of passion and purpose as he ventured into poultry farming in the Dungmin Gewog village of Durungri, Bhutan Live reported.
    Cheki Dorji, in his early thirties, made the audacious decision to get into poultry farming in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021.
    He set up his own broiler farm in his family village, determined to forge a fresh career. His path, however, was not without challenges. Cheki had trouble finding a consistent market for his broiler chickens, reported Bhutan Live.
    Cheki took a risk by not only creating job possibilities but also contributing to import substitution with the help of the Big-Ticket Project.

    "After the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, I decided to leave the tourism industry and return to my village. In 2021, I began this broiler farm with 500 chicks. Unfortunately, I faced significant losses as I struggled to find a stable market during the pandemic," Cheki said, according to Bhutan Live.
    "Currently, my farm can accommodate 1,500 chicks. I am eagerly awaiting the funds from the Big-Ticket Project. By July, when I receive the funding, I plan to expand my farm," he added.
    Cheki has big plans for his farming venture in the future. He is looking forward to the second budget release, which will offer the funding he needs to grow his farm.
    Cheki now devotes his time and energy to caring for 1,300 broiler chickens on his farm, which he purchased for more than Nu 250,000. The district's livestock sector plays a crucial role by facilitating the supply of chicks and feeds, according to Bhutan Live.
    Cheki's narrative stands as a tribute to the strength of persistence and the possibilities for success within local communities as he continues to develop his broiler farm. (ANI)