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    Back to roots at Bikaner House

    The Hawk
    September26/ 2023
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    Bikaner House

    New Delhi: Art Tree is all set to organise ‘Samanyay, Harmony in Nature’ at the Bikaner House from November 3 to 8. The six-day event will offer an experience of Indian traditional art forms while highlighting each artist’s unique local ecosystems.

    Major participating artists include Madhubani- Manisha Jha; Phad - Prakash Joshi; Sanjhi - Ram Soni; Gond - Japani Shyam; Warli- Baalu Mashe, Sadashiv Mashe and Pravin Mashe.

    A panel discussion on ‘Indian Folk Art & Artists vis-a-vis Global Traditional and Folk Art’ will also be held on November 4.

    Pragati Agarwal, the Founder, and Managing Director, of Art Tree, says, “With a view to fostering awareness about issues related to diverse ecosystems unique to numerous rich folk art that India has always been known for, we are making sure that many of the brilliant artists from different regions belonging to long-established time-honored art forms get their due. And so, through their unique format, the art forms, ranging from Madhubani, Phad, and Warli to Sanjhi and Gond, envision our focus on celebrating them, thereby starting meaningful and inclusive conversations about the need for their conservation and sustainability.